FLOWPRO® – FLOW Assurance Solutions for Improved Efficiency

APS’s FLOWPRO® products inhibit Asphaltene and Paraffin build-up that can deposit on surfaces, allowing for unrestricted flow during crude oil production. We understand difficult treatment applications for high paraffin and asphaltene content. FLOWPRO® products are polymeric compounds that offer consistent performance benefits.

By using the highest-quality materials, our products maximize production and efficiency.

DEMIR® – Demulsifier solutions with excellent performance

APS’s DEMIR® products improve the efficiency of the water/oil separation process. We offer phenolic resins, alkoxylated resins, Polymeric Polyol and polyol ester to provide our customer needs. Our demulsifier intermediate portfolio is invented to meet the needs of today’s market with innovative solutions that are more effective and faster than alternative products, providing enhanced performance value.

PROCAP® – long-term Conventional Treatments in Rat Hole

APS’s PROCAP® group of product is Encapsulated corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and Biocide is designed to offset problems associated with conventional treatments by providing long-term, controlled release of chemical into the target area at concentrations high enough to maintain and control corrosion, scale and bacteria growth.

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