PROCAP® group of produce is Encapsulated corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and Biocide is designed to offset problems associated with conventional treatments by providing long-term, controlled release of chemical into the target area at concentrations high enough to maintain and control corrosion, scale and bacteria growth. In a drum of PROCAP®, approximately half of the container will have a light colored solid material on the bottom, i.e., the caps (more accurately known as the aggregate which contains hundreds to thousands of capsules per aggregate) and a light amber colored brine solution above the capsules. The aggregate particles, averaging in size 1-3 mm, are weighted to allow placement to the bottom of a well. They are also heavier than the brine in the drum. On mixing before application, the aggregate and brine form slurry for ease of pumping.

How do PROCAP® work?

• The PROCAP® are weighted and therefore fall to the bottom of the well – rat hole.

• The polymeric matrix slowly breaks down over time with production.

• Releases active material through the concentration gradient, similar to the “Time-Release Principal” in the Pharmaceutical Industry