SULFAB® and MERCAP® are a water-soluble multicomponent blend of actives, hydroxyls in a complex stabilized alcohol system. This product is extremely effective in emoving H2S and mercaptans from gas streams, off gas, water, crude, NGL, hydrocarbon condensates, fuel oils and many other streams. Despite what the name infers, the technologies are not scavengers in chemical terms. The proprietary formulation is more defined as a removal technology since it does not act by “scavenging” the H2S or mercaptans molecules. It rather converts the H2S and mercaptan irreversibly and instantaneously into a stable non-hazardous, water soluble sulfate salts (SO4 -2) another related species. This eliminates the many issues a detrimental effect in the process system often associated with triazine-based and other scavengers that leave reaction products in the hydrocarbon phase. It is also more effective than caustic for mercaptans removal. The product is also effective in the removal of light mercaptans.

SULFAB® and Mercap® are non-corrosive liquids which is compatible with most production chemicals and materials. The chemical requires very little retention time as the reaction from H2S (and mercaptans) is instantaneous and, most importantly, this reaction is irreversible and stable. The product can be injected directly down well, at the well head or anywhere along t production process. It can be also used in the gas phase. CO2 is also removed. Efficient mixing and contacting of the chemical with the hydrocarbon fluid is vital for obtaining high removal yields. The product can also be used in combination with the

SULFAB® chemical

GT200 and LT200 Selective Separation System.Benefits:The amount of product required to remove H2S or mercaptans from any stream is typically around 40% less than that of a triazine-based scavenger and caustic. The reaction is instantaneous, stable and irreversible.All the resulting reaction products are non-toxic water-soluble salts that can be easily separated and effortlessly handled.