It means reliable and accurate dosing of chemicals for the oil & gas and petrochemical industry. APS develops and constructs Chemical Injection Packages for specialist applications in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Chemical injection pump packages are used for a wide range of chemicals and applications. A large part of these applications is to secure the production process by means of injection of small amounts of chemicals into the production well. Further these packages are also used in the petrochemical industry:

According to customer specifications

Suitable for viscous, corrosive or toxic liquids

For water treatment and topsides chemical injection

Fully integrated unit (including tanks, pumps, piping/tubing, valves, fittings

instrumentation and electrical components)

Simple accessibility and maintainability Our expertise and years of experience in various industries make APS the perfect partner when it comes to building top-quality, reliable, and high-performance Chemical Injection Packages. The chemical injection packages are custom made and based on plunger or diaphragm type injection pumps. The motor of these pumps can be either electric-, air- or gas driven. The packages further consist of a multi compartment tank, suction- and discharge lines valves and instrumentation. The injection rate of the chemicals is adjustable by a variable pump stroke length or a frequency drive of the (electric) motor. The packages are based on customer specifications; compliant to specific requirements for FPSO’s, TLP’s, MOPU’s and other on- and offshore installations.


Accurate dosing with pressures up to 1500 bar

Flow rate between 10 ml/h and 180 m3/h

Capacity adjustment from 10 – 100%

In accordance with API675, API674

Double diaphragm pump heads with membrane rupture indication (gauge or transmitter)