Our Company

We, Atlas Petro Solutions Company, are a process equipment manufacturer and oil/gas chemical inventor and manufacturer. Atlas Petro Solution (APS) is a member of Khorasan Science and Technology park (KSTP) formed in 2016 in order to bring outstanding chemical advancements and new process theology to the oil and gas market. The process and chemicals are unique in the way that they deal with particular issues compared to the traditional methods readily available on the market. APS brings together many years of research, experience and expertise to help you find the most innovative and best solutions to your problems. Continual technological improvement is an integral and fundamental part of our company’s focus. Quality is the single most important factor when purchasing chemicals or design a process system which is why we make the quality as our number one priority. Behind APS products are multinational companies willing to supply intermediates and research to problems associated with the oil and gas industry. APS has the access to these facilities and any problem associated with oil and gas production. APS will give the field service, technical backup, including research chemists to solve any problem with the production of oil and gas.



It is our philosophy in the Atlas Petro Solutions (APS), to reduce accidents, injuries, damage to equipment, and the environment are factors which by themselves, or in conjunction with other complex variables, are unsafe acts resulting in lost time, and slow down business aspirations. Accidents can be controlled and prevented. Management and employees should be involved in the constant effort to maintain acceptable standards of health and safety at work at all times. Safety is specific to the type of business. Certain safety regulations are more important in some industries than others. We deal in specialty chemicals associated with the oil industry and some of these products can be hazardous, toxic, corrosive, flammable, or a combination and we as a group must be aware of the environmental and personal effects these chemicals can have on our lives. It is the duty of management to provide adequate resources and to delegate responsibilities to supervisory staff for proper implementation of safety rules and regulations by their subordinates.

It is the policy of the Atlas Petro Solutions to purchase, store, and use quality materials in such a way that the final product is free from defects. All products are purchased from major chemical manufacturers. Such material/chemicals are purchased from chemical companies having ISO 9002 or quality assurance programmes. Personnel deployed to carry out materials subjected to test shall be qualified in their field and aware of the procedure required. These plans are made to enhance safety and provide reference on basic plans for our corporate health, safety atwork and quality standards.



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