Removal Hydrocarbon Contaminants System

APS developed a Process Systems for Gas & Liquids Treating which is a Customized Desulfurization Technologies for removing contaminations called GT 200 for gas and LT 200 for liquid treatment. APS System are the next generation of process technologies for hydrocarbon & water treating, contamination separation, removal or recovery. GT 200 and LT 200 Systems advanced technology designs are based on combining a chemical injection with a proprietary contactor. These system delivers high performance, low operational costs, and consistent results.

GT 200 and LT 200 Systems can be used in refineries, gas processing plants, midstream operations, upstream production, chemical & petrochemical processing, produced water among others. The Systems are compact, modular, and available as complete turn-key units (skid mounted with pipes, valves and instrumentation). We offer great flexibility in many different configurations. Applications of GT 200 and LT 200 include: H2S Removal, Mercaptans Removal, COS Removal, CO2 removal and general Desulfurization. Complete systems or licensing options are available.